eHealth Seminar [October 8, 2011]

eHealth Seminar on October 8, 2011

The said seminar aims to:

  • Introduce you to various e-Health initiatives in the Philippines led by the NTHC;
  • Give an you an overview of the principles of the ethical, safe and effective practice and implementation of e-Heath; and
  • Open you to a whole new spectrum of career opportunity in health informatics.
Early registration is only 750 Php.

Group discounts:

  • Groups of 3-9: less Php 50.00
  • Groups of 10 or more: less Php 100.00

On the seminar date, we will be giving away freebies such eHealth resources such as CDs, booklets, and many more straight from the International Open Source Network-UNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme!

You can register here online! Hurry limited slots only for October 8 participants.


QC Recognizes UP’s Health Info System as Tool in Disease Tracking

Community Health Information Tracking System

Via Noel A. Bañez, R.N.
Project Coordinator
Phone: +63 2 5256501 (telefax)
UP Manila National Telehealth Center

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES — The Quezon City Health Department reports that dengue cases are up by 3,447 cases from January to August, reaching the “alert threshold.”

This singular figure – a result of painstaking manual collation of reports gathered collectively by more than 250 public health nurses and midwives – is a powerful piece of information that should guide the public health management of the vector-borne disease.

However, because health information is manually obtained, collected, and aggregated, it loses its relevance by the time it reaches the desk of health managers. Therefore, it follows that the response mounted is not optimum.

This scenario is not unique to the Quezon City Health Department. Everywhere in the country, health managers struggle with having to rely on outdated or stale data to achieve a semblance of “evidence-based” decision-making.
But with its visionary leadership, Quezon City will be the first city to become an exception.

On September 12, the Quezon City government, led by Mayor Herbert M. Bautista, launched the P8.5 million Computerized Health Information System project utilizing the University of the Philippines’ homegrown electronic medical record system called Community Health Information Tracking System or CHITS.

This was formally sealed with Mayor Bautista and newly-installed UP President Alfredo E. Pascual signing of the Memorandum of Agreement at the Bulwagang Amoranto in this city.

Because of this, the “most populous city in the Philippines” is the first urban city to automate its entire health department.

“We can easily address the problem in a click of a button; unlike before, when we had to call our district supervisors to submit reports,” said City Health Officer Dr. Antonieta V. Inumerable of the Quezon City Health Department. “Now they can concentrate in the monitoring and easily apply preventive measures.”
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eHealth Training and Seminar

eHealth Training and Seminar

eHealth Training and Seminar

The National Telehealth Center is having an eHealth Training for Nurse Educators and eHealth Seminar for Nurse and Medical Practitioners. For more information, please contact Ms. Aliyah Evangelista at 5256501 or email them at

eHealth Seminar

eHealth Seminar

The eHealth Seminar (formerly Seminar on Health Informatics) is a one-day learning activity that aims to introduce the participants to various eHealth initiatives in the Philippines led by the National Telehealth Center. Underlying principles in the ethical, safe and effective practive and implementation of eHealth will also be discussed. Participants will also be introduced to a whole new spectrum of career opportunity in health informatics.


30 July 2011
3 September 2011
8 October 2011
19 November 2011

8:00am – 5:00pm

NThC Training Room
3/F Philippine General Hospital

eHealth Training

eHealth Training

The eHealth Training for Nurse Educators is an extensive 3-day hands-on traning designed for faculty members of nursing schools. The course will enable nurse educators to appreciate the value of eHealth in moulding highly competent, evidence-based and relevant nursing practitioners, researchers and educators. Additionally, the course will demonstrate how to seamlessly integrate learning management systems and electronice medical records into the nursing curriculum consistent with CHED MEMO 14.
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