3rd Diabetes, Prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Weekend Course

PSEM Poster

‘Tis such a long title for a post, yet it was also a long course with series and bouts of lectures at Nesta’s Hilltop Hotel, Roxas City yesterday.  It was my first time in Roxas City, the seafood capital of the Philippines.  I didn’t get the chance explore the city, since we left Kalibo at 6:15am and arrived around 7:30am at Nesta’s Hilltop Hotel.  There were three of us and our attendance was personal.  Meaning we were not sent to represent, in my case I was both eager and curious to join lectures other than Bible conferences.  Registration was a breeze with materials:  writing pad, notes, pen and the like.  The program started fairly on time.  It was my first time though to see the PSEM Hymn which was also a music video!  How about that?

Notes and Materials

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