He’s My Dad

Author Unknown

To Each Staff Member of this Facility:

As you pick up that chart today and scan that green Medicaid card, I hope you will remember what I am about to say. I spent yesterday with you. I was there with my mother and father. We didn’t know where we were supposed to go or what we were supposed to do, for we had never needed your services before. We have never before been labeled charity.

I watched yesterday as my dad became a diagnosis, a chart, a case number, a charity case labeled “no sponsor” because he had no health insurance. I saw a weak man stand in line, waiting for five hours to be shuffled through a system of impatient office workers, a burned-out nursing staff and a budget-scarce facility, being robbed of any dignity and pride he may have had left. I was amazed at how impersonal your staff was, huffing and blowing when the patient did not present the correct form, speaking carelessly of other patients’ cases in front of passersby, of lunch breaks that would be spent away from this “poor man’s hell.”

My dad is only a green card, a file number to clutter your desk on appointment day, a patient who will ask for directions twice after they’ve been mechanically given the first time. But, no, that’s not really my dad. That’s only what you see. What you don’t see is a cabinetmaker since the age of 14, a self-employed man who has a wonderful wife, four grown kids (who visit too much), and five grandchildren (with two more on the way) – all of whom think their “pop” is the greatest.

This man is everything a daddy should be – strong and firm, yet tender, rough around the edges, a country boy, yet respected by prominent business owners. He’s my dad, the man who raised me through thick and thin, gave me away as a bride, held my children at their births, stuffed a $20 bill into my hand when times were tough and comforted me when I cried. Now we are told that before long cancer will take this man away from us.
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eHealth Training and Seminar

eHealth Training and Seminar

eHealth Training and Seminar

The National Telehealth Center is having an eHealth Training for Nurse Educators and eHealth Seminar for Nurse and Medical Practitioners. For more information, please contact Ms. Aliyah Evangelista at 5256501 or email them at admin@info.telehealth.ph.

eHealth Seminar

eHealth Seminar

The eHealth Seminar (formerly Seminar on Health Informatics) is a one-day learning activity that aims to introduce the participants to various eHealth initiatives in the Philippines led by the National Telehealth Center. Underlying principles in the ethical, safe and effective practive and implementation of eHealth will also be discussed. Participants will also be introduced to a whole new spectrum of career opportunity in health informatics.


30 July 2011
3 September 2011
8 October 2011
19 November 2011

8:00am – 5:00pm

NThC Training Room
3/F Philippine General Hospital

eHealth Training

eHealth Training

The eHealth Training for Nurse Educators is an extensive 3-day hands-on traning designed for faculty members of nursing schools. The course will enable nurse educators to appreciate the value of eHealth in moulding highly competent, evidence-based and relevant nursing practitioners, researchers and educators. Additionally, the course will demonstrate how to seamlessly integrate learning management systems and electronice medical records into the nursing curriculum consistent with CHED MEMO 14.
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